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August 07 2017

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You told me you loved me,
so why did you go away?






when u scratch a cat’s chin and they lift their head up reblog if u agree

when u scratch a cat’s cheek and they lean their head into ur hand reblog if u agree

when u put your hand in front of your cat’s face and they gently headbut u reblog if u agree

when ur cat runs just a lil bit faster to get to u reblog if u agree

cats reblog if u agree

August 06 2017

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“Wrong Century” by Tomas Kucerovsky

the look of wistfulness on her face just punches me straight in the heart

this is literally my favorite piece that ever comes up on tumblr and if you want me to change my mind well then goOD LUCK WITH THAT


Reblog if you would be comfortable living in a dormitory with an openly transgender or intersex individual. We’re working on a campaign for gender neutral housing and we could use your support.




sending “I hope you get that job” vibes to the people out here tryna get jobs

reblogging for yall bc the shit worked for me lol

Karma will pop me if I don’t

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ya niggas underestimate hugs…. like you don’t know how much girls like a good full blown hug, both hands wrapped around her while her head lays on your chest and then ya pull away and you smile at her and continue with your day… girls be in class 20 minutes later thinking about that hug fam 

How do you know?

This post has 36k notes for a reason my guy


I only see truth

August 05 2017

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Diana: [pulls back curtain while Steve is showering]

Diana: are we - stop screaming, its me - are we out of ice-cream??

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me after every dream: honestly? what kind of symbolism. 

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Rough draft = final draft

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This is so awesome where is my modern day love story

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Send me to Mars with party supplies before next august 5th

No guys you don’t understand.

The soil testing equipment on Curiosity makes a buzzing noise and the pitch of the noise changes depending on what part of an experiment Curiosity is performing, this is the way Curiosity sings to itself.

So some of the finest minds currently alive decided to take incredibly expensive important scientific equipment and mess with it until they worked out how to move in just the right way to sing Happy Birthday, then someone made a cake on Curiosity’s birthday and took it into Mission control so that a room full of brilliant scientists and engineers could throw a birthday party for a non-autonomous robot 225 million kilometres away and listen to it sing the first ever song sung on Mars*, which was Happy Birthday.

This isn’t a sad story, this a happy story about the ridiculousness of humans and the way we love things. We built a little robot and called it Curiosity and flung it into the star to go and explore places we can’t get to because it’s name is in our nature and then just because we could, we taught it how to sing.

That’s not sad, that’s awesome.

*this is different from the first song ever played on mars (Reach For The Stars by Will.I.Am) which happened the year before, singing is different from playing

This is humanity

Happy Birthday, Curiousity.

July 08 2017


Listening to a love song and knowing it’s about someone of the same gender as the singer is such a sweet and healing experience

July 07 2017

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what is the truth

they’re married you asshole

u right, my bad

thats their lesbian daughter

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If you are sad

July 06 2017

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