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June 14 2017


I hate when I become conscience of my own breathing and then have to manually breathe until I forget I reminded myself about breathing.


Virginity is a construct, Jesus wasn’t white, homosexuality was normal/accepted in muslim-arab culture for centuries, cow milk is damaging to human health, racism against white people or sexism against men isn’t possible, slavery in the US still exists, hypermasculinity is toxic, ‘earning’ millions/billions is the result of strategic exploitation, women do not earn less because they are more likely to work in fields that are paid less but because jobs in sectors that primarily women work in are structurally paid worse/the average income of a job field decreases when more women start to work in it, women and people of color are proven to be more likely to get a false diagnosis by medical professionals because they do not take their pain/sympthoms as seriously, the race pay gap exists,


concept: 2017 is better. you are cuddling with someone. you are warm. you are loved. you are surrounded by people you care about. you learn to love yourself. you are calm. you find new hobbies. you find yourself.

June 13 2017














i;m gonna keep u guys updated on how i feel now based on vines 

current mood: that one vine of the girl strumming the uke where she goes, “hey, how u doing, well i’m doing just fine; i lied im dying inside”

current mood: that vine of the two guys where one is playing a piano and one goes, “suck a dick suck a dick suck a motherfucking dick” and the other one joins in, “suck a big or small dick”,

current mood: that one vine where the viner throws a slice of cheese onto their cat and the cat’s face just shrinks backwards as it slowly recoils (im the cat)

current mood: that one vine of goofy with evanescence playing in the background where the lyrics are sung/said in goofy’s voice

current mood: that vine of ronald mcdonald standing on a mcdonalds counter with a a cup of what i assume to be either booze or coke in his hand as he yells, “LET’S MCFREAKING LOSE IT; GET OUTTA UR MIND”

current mood: that vine where the kid goes, “what up im jared, i’m 19 and i never fuckin learned how to read”

current mood: that one vine about fuckin’ giving up or something where the intro scene is just the same guy turning to face the camera in 4 different consecutive shots and the text on the screen reads “starring me”, “me” and “me” and also “introducing: me”

current mood: the vine of the girl sleeping, who then gets water poured onto her face and she wakes up confused and goes “hello??”

current mood: that vine that takes place in a bus and the kid goes “excuse my potty mouth” before turning back and yelling “shut the fuck up”


current mood: the vine of the rubber chicken falling off the roof, screaming as it goes

current fucking mood: the vine where the guys yell at the duck telling it that it’s no good and that it’ll never be shit (im the duck)


petition to ban “slideshow” as an article format on the internet

June 12 2017

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Dogs are too pure honestly



2015-2016 was a timeskip. 2017 starts where 2014 left off but with a much darker, more mature tone. Lots of character development.

i have an eyepatch now


Take a minute to remember the 49 who died in the Pulse shooting a year ago today.
Remember that the deadliest mass shooting in American history was directed towards Latinx LGBTQ+ individuals.
Remember that the shooter was American, yet Islamaphobia still followed the shooting.
Happy pride month, Pulse 🌈




can waterbenders bend oil
can earthbenders bend glass
can airbenders bend sound
can firebenders bend mixtapes

Yes, waterbenders can bend any water based material, as shown when Katara bends ink (Book 3, Chapter 16, “The Southern Raiders”) and soup (Book 3, Chapter 8, “The Runaway”). so as long as the oil is water based (baby oil, cooking oil, etc) then yes. If you’re talking about oil like for a car, then no, they can’t, because it isn’t water based.

Glass is made of sand and earthbenders can bend sand (Book 2, Chapter 10, “The Library”) and furthermore earthbenders can bend the earth particles in metal (Book 2, Chapter 19, “The Guru”) so it stands to reason that they can bend the sand particles in glass. There is a question of whether or not they can still bend it because it is a very purified form of earth and another pure form of earth, platinum, is unbendable (LOK Book 1, Chapter 7, “The Aftermath”). However, when the sand is turned into glass it becomes crystalline (sand is mostly quartz particles after all) and we know earth benders can bend crystals (Book 1 Chapter 5 “The King of Omashu” when Bumi bends the creeping crystal).

Yes, airbenders can bend sound. This is shown when Aang bends sound by using his Appa whistle and extends the range of the sound (Book 2, Chapter 15, “Tales of Ba Sing Se”).

Firebenders can bend heat (Book 3, Chapter 6, “The Avatar and the Firelord”) which leads me to believe that they can not only bend fire mixtapes but can also control how fire a mixtape is by making it hotter.

Damn, pohlarbearpants did the research




I still think it’s hilarious that the reason nobody ever figures out Superman’s secret identity or where he lives or what he does when he’s not saving the planet, is because he already told them all the Kryptonian stuff that can’t be tied to any of his human friends or family. I guarantee you the in-universe wikipedia article on Superman lists his name as Kal-El and the “personal life” section says that he lives full-time at his private fortress of solitude at the north pole. Nobody in the world looks at Clark Kent and thinks “oh my god, maybe he’s superman!” for the same reason nobody ever starts to suspect that their coworker who looks KINDA like Barack Obama is actually secretly Barack Obama – They know who Barack Obama is and know what he does and they know their coworker Greg is Greg and not Barack Obama. They have no reason to assume Barack Obama secretly moonlights as Greg The IT Guy at their workplace even though they’ve never seen Greg and Obama in the same place. At best, “Greg is secretly Obama” would be a running joke at the office, and the same is true at the Daily Planet. “Kal-El of Krypton, who lives in a CRYSTAL PALACE at the NORTH POLE and whose dayjob is SUPERMAN, sometimes puts on a suit and pretends to be a clumsy reporter and lives in a one-bedroom walkup in Metropolis” is a ridiculous concept to anyone who doesn’t already know it’s true


“Hey, that— that guy, in the corner, is that— is that Superman?” 

Clark looks up from his computer at the new intern. “Oh, no,” he says. “You caught me.”

“Clark, you pull this shit every time, man,” his desk neighbor Steve says. “Shut the fuck up.”

“No, the kid’s right, I’m Superman,” Clark says. He gets out of his seat and cracks his back out. “I guess we’re gonna have a superhero fight.”

“Clark, sit back down.”

“Nope. Superhero fight.”

“Clark if you don’t sit the hell back down and finish your article by lunch I am going to tell Perry on you.”

Clark points at the intern. “You get off easy this time, buddy,” he says, and sits back down. 

“So…” the intern says, very lost. “Uh…”

“That’s Clark,” a slightly older and more experienced intern says. “He’s Superman’s asshole twin.”

June 11 2017



  • Walk in on parents having a heated debate.
  • Am worried for a bit. Are they fighting?
  • Realize parents are having a heated debate on whether or not goats can climb trees.
  • Immediately side with mom, because I know goats can fuckin climb fucking ANYTHING because I remember the “crave that mineral” meme with the goat on the vertical cliff face apparently levitating to achieve the mineral it craves.
  • who fuckin says the internet never taught me anything
  • Dad has to leave to go back to work. Leaves convinced that no, goats can’t climb trees, they’re goats, they stay on the ground.
  • Once he’s gone, youtube search “Moroccan Tree Goats.” Find self-explanatory video of several goat up in a fuckin tree like some Dr. Seuss shit.
  • Mom looks at me like it’s the proudest she’s ever been of me in her life, including my university graduation
  • She emails it to him. At work. My dad will get a video of Moroccan goats screaming in a tree at his place of business, with the subject line “I TOLD YOU SO.”
  • Mom triumphantly yells to the empty house, “THIS IS WHY PEOPLE IN THE BIBLE THOUGHT GOATS WERE THE DEVIL.”
  • Another ordinary day in my house.

‘This is why people in the Bible thought goats were the devil’ is a really solid explanation when you see how goats defy the laws of physics.

June 09 2017

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im aiming for the “shes a badass and cute as hell but I wouldn’t touch her without asking” look


If we date, you gotta kiss me every 2 minutes


I wonder how many strangers hate me bc of how someone else described me to them


I love Ghost Adventures, because if you don’t believe in ghosts, it’s three grown-ass dudes scaring themselves shitless with equipment failure, and if you do believe in ghosts, it’s three grown-ass dudes antagonizing the powers of Hell.

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